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Investing Axioms

Everything you need to know about the investment business is stated below:

Nobody knows nothing. John C. Bogle

Financial markets go up and down as a result of transactions made by billions of people worldwide. The financial media attempts to correlate the news of the day with daily price fluctuations in the market. While the financial media spends more time analyzing the financial markets than the average investor, at the end of the day they are merely guessing what moved the market. In response to the news stories they create, investors may react to the news and make a trade in the stock market and the process begins anew the next business day.

To keep emotions in check, you need to write down your investment plan. Over the years I have written statements that help me stay the course with my personal investment plan. I review my list periodically to see if I need to make any updates based on what I continue to learn.

My Investment Plan

These are my most important investment objectives to help me organize my thoughts and keep me on track. I review them periodically and make changes as I learn more.

History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes. Mark Twain