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My Investing Journey

I am a Do It Yourself™ investor with over 30 years of investment experience. Throughout my journey, I've accumulated valuable insights from renowned investment legends, financial advisors, fellow investors, and my own experiences, which have been shaped by both successes and mistakes. My goal is to share my story to help others learn from my experiences.

Some people learn from other people's mistakes while others are convinced they need to make them on their own.

This isn't a get rich quick story. Crafting an investment plan takes a lot of time and discipline to allow you to sleep well at night, stick to it, and adjust it when it isn't working how you want it to.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started. Mark Twain

The most crucial step in investing is getting started. Jerry invests $100 per month from age 20 to 30, while Tom starts at 30 and invests the same amount for life, both earning a hypothetical 8% return. Jerry hits $250K at 64, and Tom reaches the same goal at 67. Tom will never catch up even though Jerry stopped investing at age 30! Starting early makes all the difference.

Time in the market is more important than timing the market.

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