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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I update the number of shares in my portfolio?
    To update the number of shares you own, simply click on the number of shares and make your changes.
  2. How do I change the name on my portfolio?
    To update the name on your portfolio, simply click on your name and make your changes.
  3. When are stock quotes updated?
    Stock quotes are updated on weekdays after 7pm US/Eastern time. Only one quote per day is maintained on this site.
  4. Can I get alerts for my portfolio?
    You can configure Portfolio Tracker by clicking on the Settings icon once logged in to send a daily text message and / or a weekly e-mail on Sunday as shown below:

Today 7:00 PM
Your total portfolio is valued at $311,993.02 which is down $2,194.61 (-0.70%)

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Portfolio Toolbox does not disclose any personal information stored on this site to any third party.


Portfolio Toolbox is intended to help you visualize your financial situation and model different portfolios. The accuracy of these tools is not guaranteed and considered "as is". Our developers are not responsible in any way for how you use this data (or lack thereof) or the applicability of these tools to your individual circumstances. Stock quotes are gathered from data sources based on URLs and page layouts that may change at any time impacting your ability to get a recent stock quote. You should always consult with a qualified professional to help you with financial decisions.


Portfolio Toolbox is designed to provide free tools to help you visualize your financial situation. If you find Portfolio Toolbox useful, please consider making a donation using PayPal link below to help me keep the site up and running. Or you can get me something off my wish list.

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