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Portfolio Toolbox

Tools / Calculators

Portfolio Toolbox is a collection of free personal finance tools / calculators to help you visualize / backtest your portfolio and compare investment performance. You can perform a Social Security break-even analysis, visualize the impact of mutual fund / ETF expenses and compounding, view rolling returns for different investment sectors, asset classes and even individual stocks / mutual funds / ETFs, visualize bond prices over different market yields, and also forecast your financial future with our retirement calculator. While every effort is made to make these tools accurate, it is recommended that you consult with a financial professional before making any significant changes to your financial situation.

If you have any suggestions for new financial tools, please contact us here.

Portfolio Tracker

Portfolio Tracker is a service that allows you to track your portfolio holdings. You can track your asset allocation, portfolio history, and get daily / weekly alerts when quotes are updated. You must create a login to use this feature.

Backtest Portfolio

Visualize historical performance of mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks using a buy & hold or rebalancing strategy.

Telltale Chart

Visualize relative performance of mutual funds, ETFs and individual stocks.

Rolling Returns

34.19% 57.06% 50.97% 9.00% 48.81%
27.83% 35.68% 34.51% 7.46% 25.82%
25.90% 34.14% 31.77% -0.82% 24.08%
19.85% 21.77% 31.47% -3.03% 22.04%
18.73% 17.92% 31.11% -4.41% 21.51%
15.89% 11.64% 30.01% -5.89% 20.79%
9.16% 9.70% 28.67% -7.05% 19.66%
8.99% 7.52% 27.97% -14.65% 18.20%
8.73% -2.30% 26.85% -14.91% 12.58%
6.61% -4.42% 22.65% -15.59% 12.00%
2.94% -4.87% 12.39% -22.74% 4.79%
-1.40% -32.57% 9.85% -24.84% -2.76%
Rolling returns are displayed in an interactive "periodic table" from one to 10 years. Visualize rolling returns for individual stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, sectors, and asset classes.

Retirement Calculator

Visualize your possible future financial situation considering future contributions / withdrawals, Social Security, Required Minimum Distributions and taxes on RMDs.


Visualize the impact of one time and annual expenses on an investment and demonstrate the power of compounding.

Bond Pricing

Visualize the price of a bond at different interest rates / yield to maturities.

Social Security

Visualize break-even point of various start times for claiming Social Security and investing your payment.
Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Increased risk provides no guarantee of return.